My name is María Angela Reyes, I am an artist from Bogotá, Colombia. I do paintings and Ilustrations for children.


Bachelor in fine arts. Universidad de Los Andes, March 2001

Painting studies. Royal school of fine arts, Louven, Belgium 1995





Painting show, Adelmo gallery, Miami, Florida, Octobber 2012.

Engraving show, “Introduction to graphic media”. Arcamen Gallery, Bogotá, May 1996.

Painting show, “Tarot Light”. Centro Colombo Americano de Bogotá, December 2000.

Painting show, “Art auction for the children of Palenque”. Carrión Vivar gallery, Bogotá, February 2005Painting show, “Mostrarte for the children of Palenque”. Chamber of comerce, Cartagena, december 2004.




Painting show. “ Cats and celebrities”, Club Setenta y cuatro, Bogotá, October 2000





 “Bane art”            Galery


 “Tarot Light”       





Students Colective show, School of fine arts, Claustro deLa Merced, Cartagena, may 2004 Painting show, “Mostrarte for the children of Palenque”. Chamber of comerce, Cartagena, december 2004 Students Colective show, School of fine arts, “Imaginarios Urbanos”. E.S.B.A, Cartagena, june 2005




2012- present. Illustration.


I work writing an illustrating books for children.


2006-2011. Fundación Universitaria Sanitas.


I worked for Unisanitas as an art teacher in the elective courses program.

I gave the cathedrae of painting drawing and sculpture for students that were not enrolled on any artistic program.


2006-II Universidad El Bosque.


I worked at the University for the Arts Faculty as well as for the education faculty.

For the arts faculty I gave the cathedra of drawing and for the education faculty I gave the cathedrae artistic expression, children’s literature and developing of didactic aid materials.


2004- 2005 Escuela Superior de Bellas Artes, Cartagena de Indias.


I worked for two years at the fine arts faculty giving the cathedrae of  art critic,  history of art and literature, aesthetics, painting, artistic investigation and social work.


2003 College Universidad El Bosque.


I worked as an arts teacher, giving art lessons to the students enrolled in the last two years of high school


2002 Art workshops for children.


I did private tutoring for children who wanted to improve their creativity and drawing skills in order to apply to an art faculty.


2000- 2001 Morracos


I worked with a team for the developing and selling of art crafts made using recycled paper (papier mache)


1999  Gallery pinturafresca. com


 Development of an internet virtual gallery, its main goal was to show and promote the art work of Colombian emerging artists.



1994-1995  Political refugees center, Huise Fabiola in Belgium.


I worked as an art teacher for the political refugees, teaching them how to make diverse art crafts, they could use as a hobby which might help them to fight stress.